Sepura STP9000

Produktet kan ikke kjøpes via vår nettbutikk. Ta kontakt med oss for et pristilbud! Sepura STP9000 er flaggskipet i en innovativ serie TETRA handportable radioer, som er designet for brukere som ønsker det beste. Radioen benyttes av Politi, Helse, Toll,

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Sepura STP9000 er flaggskipet i en innovativ serie TETRA handportable radioer, som er designet for brukere som ønsker det beste.

Radioen  benyttes av Politi, Helse, Toll, Frivillige Organisasjoner (alle i FORF), Sjøredningstjenesten, og vakt/sikkerhet på St. Olavs Hospital. 

TETRA Radioen leveres med:

  •          High-Cap batteri (1880 mAh)
  •          Antenne
  •          Belteklips
  •          1+1 lader

Height: 133mm
Width: 61mm (54mm)
Depth: 32mm (Standard Battery)
Depth: 37.5mm (High Capacity Battery)

With Standard Battery: 250g
With High Capacity Battery: 275g

Frequency bands
380-430MHz - STP9038
407-473MHz - STP9040 

Power supply
7.4V (nominal) Lithium Polymer Battery Packs
Intelligent Reporting Batteries
1160mAh Standard Battery
1400mAh Mid Capacity Battery
1880mAh High Capacity Battery

RF Performance 
RF Power - MS Power Class 3L (1.8 Watts)
RF Power - customisable for: 
Adaptive Power Control Supported
Receiver Class - A and B
Receiver Static Sensitivity - 112dBm (typical)
Receiver Dynamic Sensitivity - 103dBm 
(106dBm typical)

Product performance
Audio Power - >1 Watt
Operational Temperature (Conformance tested) 
-20°C to +60°C 
Operational Temperature (Min/Max) 
-30°C to +70°C4
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C1
Dust & Water Protection IP67
(waterproof, submersible and dustproof)
Shock, drop & vibration ETS 300 019 
Salt fog: MIL810E 509.4(l); duration 24hr salt5
Salt water: submersion, rated at 1m depth for 
30 minutes5

RFID Performance
Internal tag - HITAG S2048, short range, 125KHz, 
ISO11784 and ISO11785 compliant
Range: 1 cm from back of individual 
radio box pack 
User accessible storage - 512 bits, 
pre programmed (user can overwrite): 
32 bit unique identifier
Serial number 
Hardware code

Product options
Man-Down Alarm3
DMO Repeater Type 1A
Air Interface Encryption Options
End to End Encryption Options
Wide Range of Languages supported
STProtect - in-building tracking solution6

Display and user interface
Large 30x38mm Active LCD Area
Hi-Resolution display (176 x 220 pixels)
Transflective TFT Display, 262K colours
Normal, Large & Very Large Mode Text
18 Configurable Feature Activation Keys
Vibrate Call/message
Call History
Phone Book (2000 entries)
9900 Talkgroups in TMO/DMO
5000 Multi-Level Talkgroup Folders
Intelligent Search Facility
Quick Groups
Transmit Inhibit with on/off Status Messaging
Fixed & definable Scan Lists
Remaining Charge Time Indication
Missed Call Indicator
Intuitively-enhanced user interface
Choice of three user interface presentation styles
(Compatibility mode, Grid mode and List mode)
Haptic technology to enhance key tactility when 
used with heavy gloves 
Twist and zoom portrait image viewer
Auto-capitalisation during SDS text entry

Voice services
Full Duplex Calls (to MS and PABX/PSTN)
Half Duplex Calls (Individual and Group)
Priority Call
Emergency Call (Pre-emptive Priority)
Intelligent Alarm Reporting
Talking Party Identity
Calling Line Identity Presentation
DTMF Dialling
MSISDN Dialling
Abbreviated Dialling
Dynamic Group Number Assignment
Background (hidden) Groups
DMO Individual Call
DMO Group Call
DMO Emergency Call
DMO Intelligent Emergency Call
Independent Volume Control

Data services and applications
Status messaging (in TMO & DMO) 
SDS Messaging (in TMO & DMO) 
Auto - capitalisation on SDS text entry
Concatenated SDS messaging 
Multi-slot packet data
Circuit mode data 
TETRA paging and call out 
WAP browsing 
Short Data Applications (SDAs)
Image & map storage on memory card 
Lone-Worker feature 
Missed event application 

Location based services
GPS integrated option -192dBw (-162dBm) tracking 
Over-The-Air GPS reporting using the following 
. ETSI location standard reporting (LIP) 
. NMEA & Sepura compact messaging
GPS-based compass 
Enhanced indoor start-up and acquire through 
'predicted ephemeris'
Bluetooth Location System compliant
RFID tag equipped

Security services
Class 1, 2 and 3 and 3G TETRA Security
Air Interface Encryption
TEA1/2/3/4 Supported2
Smart Card E2E Encryption Support2
Embedded E2E Encryption Support2
In-Country E2E Encryption Algorithm Support2
Multiple E2E Algorithm Support2

DMO repeater services (licence required)
DMO Voice Repeated
DMO Tone Signalling Repeated
Group Status & SDS Repeated
Type 1A Efficient Operation over one 
RF Channel
Presence Signal Support
Emergency Call 
Monitoring & Participation in Calls 

TETRA voice and data
Bluetooth support for voice and data (PEI) 
PEI Data via RS232 and USB data cables 
Accessory connections via Rugged Accessory 
Connector (RAC) 
High speed interface for feature-rich audio 
and data connection via facility connector 
MicroSD card slot 
RFID tag

Personal Charger
Vehicle DC Charger
1+1 Desktop Charger
6+6 Desktop Charger
12 and 24 Way Battery only Chargers
Wide Range of Antennas
Stud and Belt Attachments
Rugged Belt Clip
Rugged and Soft Leather Cases
Basic IP55 Remote Speaker Microphone
Advanced Remote Speaker Microphone 
(with and without RF Antenna)
Hands-Free Kit 
Personal Ear Pieces
Public Order Accessories
Semi-Covert Accessories
Feature-rich Car Kit
Basic Car Kit
Serial and USB Data Leads
4 & 8 Way Programming Pods

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